The New York State Association of European Historians (NYSAEH) welcomes new members. Most members pay their dues at the time of the annual meeting each year as part of their registration for the conference. The annual meeting in October marks the start of each new membership year.

If you who have missed the annual meeting registration period or have just learned about NYSAEH, you can request membership on payment of dues to our Secretary.

We accept payment of membership dues via Paypal or check. Due to service charges, an NYSAEH lifetime membership is $260 when paid through Paypal, and $250 when paid by check. An annual membership is $10.


Pay by Paypal


Pay by Check

All payments by check should be made out to New York State Association of European Historians and can be mailed to NYSAEH Treasurer Lyn Blanchfield:

Lyn Blanchfield, Treasurer NYSAEH
History Department / Mahar Hall
SUNY Oswego
Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126